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Alright, who among you are still nostalgic about good ol' *lupe**xmastree*?

I really miss roleplaying my lupes. I really miss how spontaneous and dramatic all the stories became, what a mess of tangles they made, and how my characters were at the mercy of so much beyond themselves. 

I made a new account on Neopets for Lupe Foresting but it's not old enough to post yet. Go neofriend it, yes. I plan to make a lupe roleplayer directory so everybody can reunite. I would like to roleplay offsite because we've all been warned, silenced, suspended, and frozen for very silly things before. We gotta bring da lupes back.

I changed my Neotag tumblr thingy to this:

It used to be captainetiki. Never really liked that username. 

I hope to get Verbal Tea all shiny again, but still refuses to let me edit anything important. |: So this is my little project in the meantime. I miss y'all. I had a really terrible fall (LOL, IF ONLY YOU KNEW HOW THAT WAS A FUNNY PUN!) but I got all A's last term somehow despite feeling terrible for most of it and not caring so much about my grades. I haven't been drawing much and I've been pretty miserable. I'll be on break until January 5th, so I'll be drawing and writing again, then classes will start and then I probably can't anymore. At least I'll be done by summer and have my degree and stuff.  

(I fell while riding my bike and hit my head a few weeks ago... okay, not so funny finding out that way but it's still a good pun... B: I was wearing a helmet but still have post-concussion syndrome-- whoopdeedoopypoop)
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Mind Matter Lines by Etiki
Mind Matter Lines
Many months ago I drew this for my creative neuroscience writing website that I have yet to start, but thought I should post it here anyways. owo I tried coloring it but I quite like it being lineless. It sorta gets across what I was hoping for, I think. I might add some more thickness/shading later on if I feel like working on it more!
A bloated brown creature forced itself through the hard waves with many puny, pitiful legs. Was it panicking? Painful groans and screeches could not be held back, splashing into the long slender ears of its sympathetic observer. For days it had struggled in the waters above her as the storm strengthened, and for days it continued what looked like a desperate, circular search. The ripples it made were temporary, consumed quickly by the stronger storm-infused waves. Its presence here was ephemeral, and the ship wreck would leave little evidence of its intact existence. Only one curious observer would remember it.
Floating Ephemerally
A drabble (exactly 100 words) response to the prompt "Ephemeral" prompt for the Drabbledome creative challenge:…

Drabble subject: Aflico, observing a soon-to-sink boat. But it just looks like a large creature to her... a very sad, bulky large creature...
She sabotaged the case and would never regret it, but she didn’t know that yet. Her arms wrapped tightly around a single box with everything inside, casting too small of a shadow for what it held. She lingered and stared from the colorless room, watching the artificial raindrops wrestle down enclosing glass walls. A familiar preprogrammed cue rattled lightning patterns in the sky and the taller buildings cast overlapping grids over her face. She mourned silently beneath the veil they cast, but also smiled. Maybe justice could be adjusted now beneath shadows? After all, she knew they still needed her.
Shadow's Too Small
A drabble (exactly 100 words) response to the prompt "Film Noir" prompt for the Drabbledome creative challenge:…

Drabble subject: Aylua, the failed investigator.
Sunsets mean nothing
To the hunched heavy spine
Spilled over the dead wooden desk
Studying sheets of blotted lifeless fibers
But desperate colors attempt to infiltrate
They stretch with all their might to
Reach the creature who ignores the waving sky
To drain their hues into its skin and
Stain the walls in bright abstract globs
But it doesn’t really notice
The absurd, spilling drapery in the sky
It doesn’t lend a glance
At the spectacular goodbye
The last day of summer, the last
Sight of a sentimental, dancing sky
Goodbye, it lingers and swirls
Sky’s final burst of summer
I wonder if the creature is me. Probably.
A drabblepoem (exactly 100 words) response to the prompt "Sunset" for the Drabbledome creative challenge:…



Neopets: Hiharo
Tumblr: CaptainEtiki

Aywas: Etiki (#1194)
Wajas: Etiki (#91000 & #42988)
Khimeros: Etiki (#19)

leader of Verbal Tea & the m=m neopets oekaki

2 numbers old · microbiology major · neuroscience enthusiast


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i die
i laffd

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Striped-Tie Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello thar! Sorry for the random appearance, but I had a quick question to ask you. I'm currently trying to hunt down an old, old friend and somewhere on the userpage replies she said she was going to let you know her new dA account. This was a few years ago.
Anywho! I was wondering if you still speak to the user Sakayua, or rather on her new dA account... I knew her on Neopets and I really wanted to get back in touch with her.

Ah, thanks for taking any time to read this ;; It means a lot!
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I'mma just slide in over your stal...I MEAN WATCH YOU. :B
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Hi Etiki, I just want you to know I'm feeling better, my mom is okay. I guess I was just scared. Anyway I finished some of my aishas 80x80 portraits and posted them on here if you want to see them. Also I'm gonna be mostly here when neo goes down. Send me a note. I'll send you one then we can chat there! ^^
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Eloene Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This is my new new DA account. Lol I had an issue with the last one so I deleted it. Yeah I'm Midna.
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